Open Government Partnership Networking Mechanism

What is the OGP Networking Mechanism?

The Networking Mechanism connects OGP governments with providers of open government expertise to help them develop and implement ambitious open government commitments.

The Networking Mechanism's mission is to introduce OGP governments to peer governments, non-governmental organizations, and private companies with specific expertise, skills, and technological capacities across a range of open government issues. Through introductions with its extensive network of suppliers, the Networking Mechanism can assist governments with conceptualizing and implementing the ambitious best-practice open government commitments and reforms contained in their respective OGP national action plans.

Our broader aim is to push the envelope of possible open government reforms of aspiring OGP governments by facilitating productive partnerships that involve technical assistance, knowledge sharing, and peer learning.

What it is not

The Networking Mechanism is neither a funding facility nor an implementing entity for governments. It serves as the facility to assist with the creation and implementation of national action plans by bringing together subject matter experts, and OGP technical leaders to share information and best practices. The networking mechanism provides governments and their OGP leads with opportunities to learn at webinars, conferences, through case studies, and from individual support.


Global Integrity currently manages the Networking Mechanism. The Networking Mechanism works closely with the OGP Support Unit and reports to the Peer Learning and Support Sub-committee of the OGP Steering Committee.

Contacting the Networking Mechanism

Visit the Networking Mechanism website at to request assistance, search for potential suppliers of open government experience, or sign up as a supplier. Please contact Abhinav Bahl ( or +1 202 595 0684) or Nicole Anand ( or +1-202-449-4100) at Global Integrity should you need further assistance.

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