OGP Commitments

In terms of the OGP requirements, commitments must be structured around a “grand challenge” facing that government. While there is recognition that countries start from different baselines the grand challenges selected must relate to their unique country contexts.
The previous Action Plan had seven commitments. Informed by the gap analysis emanating from the survey, it will be noted that out of the seven commitments in the previous plan, five are being modified and carried over. Three are new commitments which are designed to amplify the concept of stretch and ambition. Therefore, the commitments being put forward will most likely go beyond the 2 years required as they will be within a five year national work-plan cycle. The following are the commitments:

  • Commitment 1: Develop and implement an Accountability/Consequences Management Framework for public servants
  • Commitment 2: Establish Service Delivery Improvement Forums
  • Commitment 3: Mainstream Citizen Participation in the public sector
  • Commitment 4: Develop an integrated and publicly accessible portal of environmental management information
  • Commitment 5: Development of an On-line Crowd sourcing tool that will allow the public to submit data on Protected Areas and Conservation Areas
  • Commitment 6: Implement the Schools Connectivity Project
  • Commitment 7: Know Your Service Rights and Responsibilities Campaign

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