OGP Community Imbizo Queenstown

22 June 2015, Lukhanji Local Municipality, Queenstown

The community members of Chris Hani District Municipality and Lukhanji Local Municipality braved the deep coldness of winter to attend the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) and Open Government Partnership (OGP) community engagement organised by the Department of Public Service and Administration on Friday, 20 June 2015, at the Tobi Kula Indoor Sports Centre, Queestown. The Deputy Minister for Public Service and Administration, Ms. Ayanda Dlodlo led the engagement.

In her keynote address, Deputy Minister Dlodlo made use of the platform to caution against acts of xenophobia. Speaking on the development of the country and continent, Deputy Minister Dlodlo, reflected on the good work that the South African government is doing in improving the lives of its citizens and also the good work that South Africa is doing in linking African countries to the rest of the continent. She went on to say that the community member should take part in the programmes such as APRM and OGP as this will assist in holding the government officials accountable.

"OPG improves government performance, encourage civic participation and enhance government responsiveness to people. And also assist the country to have an Action Plan through community engagement as to say this is what our people want to see in our country" said the Deputy Minister.

"South Africa currently serves as a support-chairing chairperson of the OGP and as of October South Africa will be taking over as the Chairperson. There is something we are doing right as a country that is why we are chosen to lead more than 63 countries that are part of the OGP programme. Therefore, citizens should also take part in this initiative" the Deputy Minister said

During the engagement, community members were afforded an opportunity to engage the Deputy Minister on issues relating to community, OGP and APRM. The Deputy Minister and other government officials effectively responded to the questions from the community members.

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